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Krippy Kush

Definition of Krippy Kush

Generic name used in urban contexts to refer to marijuana or cannabis.

Krippy and Kush, two hallucinogens from different places and with different effects.


Krippy Kush is a term that originates through songs and in the Central American urban context. The basis of this expression is born in the union of two different and recognized drugs in these contexts. Therefore, the term seeks to generalize, and sometimes differentiate, about marijuana.

For its part, Krippy or cripy is a term that originated in countries such as Colombia and Ecuador to refer to a stronger type of cannabis. However, studies have shown that it, too, is characterized by having a high THC content, which presents a greater risk to health.

On the other hand, the word kush is an indica variation of marijuana. The word Kush is used to refer to a sub-group of strains, these varieties have their origin in native and indigenous plants of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 


This term also refers to the musical single “ Krippy Kush ”, released in 2017 and performed by Bad Bunny, Farruko and Tarik Johnston (Rvssian), with more than 680 million views on YouTube.