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Definition of Hater

Word from English that is translated into Spanish as “hater”. That is, a person “who hates” or “who hates”, depending on the context in which it is used. For example: A hater broke the pride flag that had been placed in the Plaza de Bolivar.

From English semantics the term can be adapted to Spanish as “envious” or “hateful“. In this sense, it refers to a person who despises another for what they have or for reasons that are not clear.


  1. Hater
  2. Loathsome
  3. Hostile
  4. Hateful
  5. Jealous


The word hater is taken from English and literally means “hater”, as it comes from hate which is “hate”. Their plural is haters and they are characterized by being hostile people, and who mostly show negative attitudes in any scenario.

In the Spanish language, this Anglicism is increasingly used when referring to haters on social networks. That is, to those who express their hatred towards something or someone in various ways. Especially, the hatred is directed at minority populations.


The haters on social networks are possibly gaining more strength, becoming a phenomenon that particularly affects the younger population being the most vulnerable.

Hater is a film released on the famous Netflix platform on July 31, 2019, being one of the most watched films throughout the month of August of that year since its release date.