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Definition of Copywriting

English word that is translated into Spanish as “writing“, that is, it designates the exercise of preparing texts of different natures and with a specific purpose.

In the sense of its most widespread use, it refers to the exercise of writing texts of advertising value, especially to be disseminated over the internet. In this context, it is the work of writing for different media in order to achieve sales.


The word copywriting is estimated to have been born around the 13th century. It is made up of two terms, namely, copy that emerges from a Latin copy and is related to “abundance” and the term writing, which represents the action of writing. In short, it would be “copywriting” or in the current context “copywriting”.

This term has been adopted from English to be used on the internet to designate the job of the web copywriter, especially for sales sites. Normally, it is used in freelance platforms or in media where this type of service is sought and offered.


The copywriting is a task that is in charge of copywriter (advertising copywriter ) or also called by the diminutive copy.

The variant “Seo copywriting” refers to the elaboration of attractive texts for the consumer and that can be positioned in Google properly. That is, it appears in the first entries of a target search. This is so, because SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization which means positioning in web search engines.