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Definition of Homies

plural noun

  1. Friends. In the singular, Friend. For example: Hey, homie! Let’s play.


  1. Colleagues
  2. Siblings
  3. Buddies


  1. Enemy
  2. Opponent
  3. Adversary


Homies, is a word of English origin that is used frequently in the urban genre, especially Rap. The direct translation is “friends”. For this reason, the use of this term is increasing over time in different communities.

The origin of this word is closely linked to African Americans, and this word is said to derive from homeboy used by African Americans in the 19th century to refer to a male friend.


  1. Homies has spread to Latino communities and cities surrounding the United States, with the spread of African-American rap.
  2. This noun is assigned to a person with whom you have a very close friendship.
  3. Homie is an alternative project created by Rivers Cuomo, singer and frontman of the rock / power pop band Weezer.
  4. American rapper Lil Wayne has a song called My Homies and he sings it in collaboration with Big Sean.
  5. In gangs the word homeboy is used to refer to a boy who has passed all the tests and who already belongs to the gang.