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Tattle Tales

Definition of Tattle Tales

Tattle Tales is a word that can be translated into a derogatory or offensive expression . In turn, it looks like the title of the new musical repertoire of a singular American singer involved in numerous controversies. Keep reading and know everything that surrounds this combination of phrases.

TattleTales is an Anglo-Saxon term composed of the words tattle (gossip) and tales (stories), and its translation into Spanish yields the result of gossip or gossip . Additionally, the new album by American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is titled with this same word. Do you want to know why it has this name? We show you more!

TattleTales according to the dictionary of Cambride and the RAE

According to the Cambride dictionary, it is when a person (usually a child) secretly expresses to an authority about a bad action committed by a third party. This mainly to generate controversy or conflicts.

If we move to Spanish, the word gossip has a similar meaning but not the same as that presented by the English dictionary.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy , gossip means a person who gossips or is given to gossip . Consequently, this word is defined as a whistleblower in many Hispanic countries.

In Cuba, “chismosa” is a homemade lamp that requires kerosene to light.

Tattle Tales the new 6ix9ine music album

The New York-born rapper and performer of musical themes such as Gooba and Yaya , advanced the title of his new musical album Tattle Tales . Said record material will be released on September 4 and will include the aforementioned songs, as well as Punani and Trollz . The latter under the collaboration of Nicki Minaj .

This is the second album of a wide repertoire belonging to the rapper and the continuity of Dummy Boy from 2018. It is expected that in this new album by Tekashi 6ix9ine there will be collaborations of interpreters like Akon , among others recognized.

To recall, Tekashi 6ix9ine was serving a sentence for his possible ties to US organized crime However, the New York singer apparently collaborated with the feds and played the role of TattleTales to get rid of the accusations.

It is speculated that this new album is related to his apparent figure of a snitch and for which many point him out.

Controversial advance of the album Tattle Tales

The news about his new album came through a somewhat exaggerated and sarcastic video from the city of Chicago where he pretends to “feel fear” for possible reprisals. In addition, she threatens to make a gesture of throwing alcohol at the fallen, but the supposed action that she is urinating on them is more noticeable.

Finally, we add that Tattletales was also called a musical group in the United States of folk punk and indie rock in the 90s. Likewise, a successful American television program on the network was also known under this same title. CBS related to competition topics through questions and answers.