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Definition of Dreamland

Dreamland is a word of Anglo-Saxon origin that consists of two words, dream that means to dream or dream and land that means land or country.

In this way the translation of this word would be “dream land,” dream land “or” dream country “.

However we can find other meanings of this term.

Dreamland Amusement Park

A park that operated between 1904 and 1911 in Coney Island, New York is known by this term.

It had many attractions, entertainment and great architecture and lighting, being one of the largest and most ostentatious on the Island.

Unfortunately, this park had to close its doors due to a fire caused in one of its famous attractions, leaving the place in total ruins and without the possibility of renovating it.

Dreamland album album

The name Dreamland is also associated with the first debut album by Italian singer Robert Miles, released in 1997, whose biggest hit on the album was the song Children.

On the other hand, the British musician Robert Plant also used the same name for his 7th Rock album produced in the United States by Universal.

Dreamland movie

Another association to the Dreamland concept is the American film released in 2006, starring Agnes Bruckner, Kelli Garner and Justin Long.

In this dramatic production, the script focuses on the hard life of a girl from a New Mexico town.

In it the protagonist decides to go in search of her dreams after spending a lot of time taking care of and caring for others.

Dreamland Playa

This name also receives a paradisiacal beach located on the Island of Bali in Indonesia, which in recent times has become more known due to large hotel ventures.

It is a highly sought after place for surfers and hikers.