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Definition of Jevi

Adjective used to designate something that is very pleasant. It can be applied to things, situations or people. For example: What you showed me a week ago was very jevi, I have to see it again.

Feeling of joy and pleasure intensified by the parties and all the atmosphere that is customary in those circles.


By homophony it can be confused with the English word heavy that designates something that is heavy by intensity or mass. A typical example of this use is for the Heavy Metal music genre.


  1. Heavy
  2. Cool
  3. Brilliant
  4. Nice


Jevi is a very popular slang in the Dominican Republic that has been Spanishized from heavy English. Originally the Anglo-Saxon term designates something that is heavy by its intensity or by the ratio of its mass and volume. For example, Heavy Metal is a musical genre characterized by the intensity of its melodies.

In the urban area of ​​the Dominican Republic, the term “jevi” took on a different connotation. This is, namely, that of something that is very pleasant. that is, it is more associated with something that is attractive by appearance or by the emotions it produces.


Muévete Jevi is a song by the urban artist called “El Alfa”. This musical theme was released in 2012.

Jevi is the stage name of an urban artist who debuted in 2021 with the musical theme called “I think of you”. This song can be classified as a romantic reggaeton.

The artists Doble T, El Crock and Tico Flow have a musical theme called “I feel jevi”. The song is part of the urban genre and was released in 2013.