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Definition of Garche

It refers to a sentimental relationship only of a sexual nature, without involving feelings or establishing any commitment. For example: Juliana is just my garche, I don’t want anything serious with her.


Garchar. It is said when having very passionate sexual relationships and with intense “fire”. In other words, unbridled intimate relationships. For example: Last night I had a garche that you can’t even imagine.


It is used as a synonym for fraud, that is, a deception that normally entails economic or material losses.

By extension the term “garche” is used to describe things of very poor quality or manufacture; also, to point out a despicable person.


  1. Fuck
  2. Get laid
  3. Have s#x


  1. Take
  2. Culiar
  3. Avetar


  1. Swindle


Garche comes from the word “garcha” that is used in many areas of Latin America to designate the male reproductive member. For this reason, the meanings of this term are focused on sexual relationships and this is how it is understood in most Spanish-speaking areas.

It is believed that this word and its use come from Argentina, however, the widespread use of it makes it difficult to ensure that this is the case. However, in the Rio de la Plata area the term garche is widely used and different meanings are applied to it.


Garches is a French community that belongs to the department of “Altos del Seine”. One of the most important structures in the place is the Raymond Poincaré Hospital.

In Mexico you can change the invitation “let’s go” for the phrase “let’s put Jorge on the child”.

Jay Garche is a Filipino singer known for his participation in the famous show “La voz Teens”. This artist stood out in the program of the year 2020 from the moment of his audition.