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Definition of Fulletiao

Vulgarism used in Latin America, especially in Central America, to refer to something that is full or to someone who owns a lot of something.

Expression that is used for the purpose of announcing that you have enough or to spare. For example: I am full of dollars.


  1. Full
  2. With much
  3. Ample


  1. Empty
  2. With little
  3. Missing


This word comes from the Anglo-Saxon term full which means “to be full” or simply “full”. From this perspective, the term has been adopted to show that you have a lot of something.

Fulletiao and other similar terms are adopted from English in areas like Puerto Rico. The reason that this happens is that the innovation of vocabulary is sought, creating more universal words or simply adapting English to Spanish.

This word has not been accepted by the authorities of the Spanish language. Some of the reasons for this are that its use is limited to a few Spanish-speaking regions and to musical or street language contexts.


The term fulletiao is found in various reggaeton song lyrics. An example of this is the song “Titerito” by the Puerto Rican singer Farruko

In the lyrics of the song “Titerito” a phrase that says “24/7 fuletiao de yoldan” is inserted, which means that the artist has many sneakers of that brand.