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Hevi nais

Definition of Hevi nais

In Dominican Republic the expression “hevi nais” is used to say that you are very well or that you feel good.


  1. Very well
  2. Very good
  3. Feeling good

ORIGIN OF Hevi nais

Without a doubt, the Dominican Republic is currently one of the most important tourist destinations in the Caribbean because of its climate, its magnificent landscapes and the identity of its people, but not only that, but also because of its flowery language.

Among the many expressions that have been coined in the speech of this island is “hevi nais” that, although it is not known for sure why its origin or why its relationship with its meaning of feeling good or being very well the word has been coined as part of their colloquial language.

In recent decades and due in large part to being the most important tourist destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has expanded and experienced one of the fastest economic growths in Latin America and since language is a direct reflection of the culture of the society that uses it, it is possible that “heavi nais” is an Anglicism derived from the American English “very nice”.

Likewise, it may turn out that using the word “heavy” which means heavy and could be interpreted for them as something superior to “Very”. That is, they are indeed very very well.


Although the Spanish language is officially spoken in all Hispanic countries, each state has included its particularities and a way of speaking with unique expressions and words such as the case of “hevi nais” only heard in the Dominican Republic.