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Definition of Cringe

Word from English that means “to die of shame“. From this perspective, it is a feeling that is the product of embarrassing acts or similar situations. For example: It makes me cringe to watch my elementary school videos.

In social networks the term is not used so much in the first person, but is used to show that something is “embarrassing to others“. An example would be: What a cringe gives me those people who are singing loudly in the street and do it badly.


Cringe is a word in English that translated means “to die of shame”, it is also closely related to terms that mean “to shrink” or “to lower oneself”. The meaning that this word takes on the Internet is to express that something is unpleasant to look at, or that it causes so much shame that all you feel is shrinking until you disappear.

In social networks, the word cringe is more used as a synonym for “someone else’s shame”. Apparently, it began to be used in this sense on the 4chan social network , especially to express the shame that readers felt for certain publications.


On video platforms like YouTube, it is common to find compilation videos with different people or things that cringe. This type of video seeks to outline the actions of people to what is most accepted by the majority.