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Definition of Guillao

Guillao means to give oneself an importance that one does not really have. It comes from Guille, a term that implies an optimistic person. Both also have a derivative, “Guillaera” which refers to a haughty attitude, of very high self-esteem.

Guillao is also used to identify an individual who pretends to be someone he/she is not, or when a person pretends to hide from someone or something, and in isolated cases it may refer to a love relationship.


  1. To believe oneself to be something that is not
  2. High self-esteem
  3. Optimism
  4. Haughty attitude
  5. Hiding from someone

ORIGIN of guillao

Guillao is used to mean a person who pretends and wants to be treated like a God, an individual who thinks he/she is exceptional and very self valued.
The term is pejorative, but in the slang used in urban music it is extremely positive to have this level of ego.

But in general terms Guillao is someone who wants to believe he is a lot, but in reality he is not, for example saying: “Fulano esta guillao pero ya verás cómo le quito ese guille que tiene” (So-and-so is guillao but you’ll see how I’ll take away that guille he has).

Guillao is a recurring term in the lyrics of urban genre songs, which use a mixed dialect of South American and Anglo-Saxon Spanish, all of them belonging to the street slang, which results in a lexicon a little complex to understand for those who do not know it.


In 2012, artists Daddy Yankee and Farruko performed Guillao, a song that began as follows: “yo doy mi vuelta en el bm, subo la música que suene, que la bocina se quemen, ando guillao, guillao…”

In Puerto Rico, this is the name given to vain, proud people who exhibit great possessions or other gifts, to humiliate others.