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Jueves 10

Definition of Jueves 10

Jueves 10 is a song by a singer/songwriter artist named Junior h


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ORIGIN OF Jueves 10

Junior H as he is known professionally or Antonio Herrera Pérez, was born in 2002 and is a Mexican singer and songwriter, originally from Guanajuato, and artist of the genre known as corrido tumbado. He started in music at the early age of 14, releasing one or two songs online before debuting with “Mi vida en un Cigarro” in 2019.

Junior started at the age of twelve to compose songs with a friend. At that time he did not know how to play any instrument, but he wrote with ease. In another two years he learned to record and by the time he was fifteen he had a couple of songs circulating online.

After being on YouTube for a few years, Junior entered the scene in February 2019 after the release of his first demo composed of nine songs, which was titled “My Life in a Cigar”.
Said material included his first big hit, “I Haven’t Changed.” However, it would take a few months for the song to become a trend on YouTube. But when it did, it was such a success that Junior, 17 years old at the time, ended up being discovered by his now agent Jimmy Humilde, of the renowned Rancho Humilde label.

It took Junior very little time to sign a contract and start recording with the label. He ended up being included in a compilation of the successful Natanael Cano, “Corridos Tumbados” and in 2020 he released his song “Jueves 10”.


Recently the Deluxe edition of Atrapado en un Sueño was released, including a new track titled Tengo Motivos. Junior collaborated with Natanael with the single Seca tus lágrimas from his EP Corazón Tumbado.
The song Jueves 10 is used a lot for creative custom videos on Tik Tok.