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Definition of Gistro

Characteristic underwear, generally feminine, known as thong or panty. It stands out for covering the genital part in front and exposing the buttocks in the back.


  1. Swimsuit
  2. Bikini
  3. Loincloth
  4. Thong
  5. Braga


Gistro comes, like many words of the urban genre, from Castilianized English. In this case, g-string is an Anglo-Saxon term that is defined as thong in some contexts. Its pronunciation is phonologically similar to Gistro or yistro.

Later on, different reggaeton singers popularized the use of Gistro through their lyrics and songs.


Gistro is a word widely used by reggaeton singers to refer to the characteristic female underwear known as a thong.

The Gistro Amarillo is a word that is frequently used in reggaeton lyrics to admire the visibility of yellow underwear on women.

Gistro Amarillo is also entitled the renowned musical theme of the singer Wisin released in 2004 along with his album the survivor. Recently, this theme has been reborn, since Wisin has just created a new version of Gistro Amarillo with one of the most successful urban music interpreters of the decade, Ozuna.