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Bota Pincho

Definition of Bota Pincho

The expression “Bota Pincho” is a term that has become fashionable in the Dominican Republic thanks to Elver Sanchez , a user of the TikTok platform , who has made this term his flagship phrase. Next, in we will tell you what the meaning of Bota Pincho is and much more about this jocular word. Do we start

According to the Dominican Republic dialect, skewers are objects that support hair, these are also called Pins.

Hair pins or skewers are commonly used in a type of hairstyle characteristic of the Dominican Republic called “tubi”.

The phrase “Bota Pincho” goes as a qualifying adjective for women with frizzy hair. This type of hard and thick textured hair is usually called “bad hair” in the Dominican Republic.

Example of this phrase used in a sentence:

  • Maria shut up, bota Pincho– Make silence Maria that your hair is very thick.

It is believed that this type of hair is difficult to hold with skewers since the hardness of this makes it difficult to hold.

In this way the meaning of Bota Pincho is “Woman whose thick hair ejects the spikes of her hair”.

Not much is known about the origin of Bota Pincho, but the most certain thing is that it is an invention of the influencer Elver Sánchez.

Sanchez makes use of the phrase Bota Pincho repeatedly in his videos, which has caused him to become very popular among Tik Tok users.

Now you know what Bota Pincho means .