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Definition of Prendela

The term Prendela works as an imperative word that induces to light something on fire, such as firewood or a stove for example.

Another possible use of this word is the one that refers to the fact of lighting the Cannabis sativa plant in order to inhale its smoke.

Burning this plant, considered medicinal by many, has become very popular among young people and adults for its psychotropic effects.

Among the effects of this plant are: relaxation, social stimulation, sensory sensitivity, feeling of euphoria, among others.

Thanks to the above, the term Prendela has gained great popularity as a colloquial word related to the consumption of this plant.


This word has appeared in the Puerto Rican singer Farruko’s song Roatan, where he repeatedly mentions this term.

Préndela is the title of a song of the year 2019 performed by the Dominican urban exponent Atomic another Way.

Below are some examples of the use of the term Préndela in its different connotations.

  • “The fireplace went out, préndela (light it)” – The fireplace went out light it.
  • ” Préndela, you’ll like it ” – Turn on the cannabis you’ll like.