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Definition of Enchule

It is a colloquialism of Puerto Rico used to express great attraction, infatuation or whim for a person, especially when this infatuation makes you submissive or submissive.

By extension, it is said of a woman who is sexually dominated by a “chulo”. That is, by a man who seems very attractive.


  1. Designates the action of chulo life. In other words, living like a ruffian or a bandit.


  1. Swallow
  2. Infatuate
  3. Sentimental addiction
  4. Hobby


The term enchule is a conjugation of the verb enchular which means to be infatuated with a chulo. The word is also used in the context of urban music and in it wants to express a crush.

Having an enchule is being strongly infatuated with someone or something that you keep thinking about. It is mostly used in a romantic sense. At other times, the term may be assigned sexual connotations.


Enchule is a song performed by Puerto Rican urban music singer Rauw Alejandro, released in September 2020.

There are many artists of the urban genre who use the word enchule in some of their interpretations, which makes the term increasingly popular among Spanish-speakers.

Thanks to Rauw Alejandro’s song on Tik Tok, the enchule with a characteristic dance became a trend.