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Definition of Coronavairus

Coronavairus , curious word that has gone viral due to the pandemic declared in 2020, stay at so that you know the meaning of Coronavairus and origin of this word.

Coronavairus has been very popular thanks to networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube … etc. This ended has been the main protagonist of memes and videos spread massively.

We could say that the person in charge of making this word so popular is the American rapper and songwriter Cardi B , who posted a video through her Instagram.

In this video she expressed in a jocular way and in song her fear for the current world situation regarding the coronavirus.

At the same time it expresses that the situation is real, as a message before the possible indifference of many people and even nations.

We may not have to tell you, but Coronavairus is not the correct way to call ” Coronavirus ” a family of viruses that have similar structural characteristics.

This word Coronavairus by itself does not have any special meaning, but it is important to note that the phonology of this word will vary depending on the language of the region and it is possible that in many it will coincide.

You already know what Coronavairus means in Spanish