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En Alta

Definition of En Alta

En alta, is a colloquial expression of the Dominican Republic, in whose context it is linked to parties and parties. Next, in we will tell you what is the meaning of en alta and what are its origins.

The origin of this term comes from another Dominican expression, “to have the high note” which means being high or in a high degree of intoxication by some substance and like this expression, being en alta is defined as the state of relaxation or euphoria from the consumption of certain substances.

It is worth mentioning that in this context it is not always necessary to use narcotic drugs to reach this state, but simply to enjoy the night intensely.


  • “Tonight I’m en alta” – Tonight I’m elated.
  • ” Yesterday Pedro was walking ” – Yesterday Pedro was under the influence of drugs.


  1. In the theme Truchy de Rochy RD this phrase appears in one of his verses.
  2. Andar en alta has a certain similarity with the term La Pampara Prendia.

Now you know what en alta means .