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Puesto Pa Guerrial

Definition of Puesto Pa Guerrial

Pueto pa guerrial is an expression coined by the Puerto Rican Bad bunny as the title of a song from his album YHLQMDLG , if you wonder what this expression means we will show you what is the meaning of Pueto pa guerrial and other additional information.

The term puesto pa guerrial literally means to be prepared for battle, but its meaning may vary depending on its context.

In the urban genre the term guerrial is used to name the musical rivalry between two exponents of that genre.

As additional data these rivalries or wars are also called as Tiradera or Tiraera within the world of reggaeton and trap.

In a different context, this phrase may refer to being determined to go through great difficulties with decision.

Another possible meaning is the one that uses this term as a synonym of being predisposed to fight a future conflict.

Curiously, this expression is made up of 3 words Put, Stop and fight, the last two being colloquially modified words.

Puesto Pa ‘Guerrial Song

The song Puesto pa guerrial is part of the album YHLQMDLG by the Puerto Rican trapero Bad bunny in collaboration with Myke Towers.

The lyrics of this song make an invitation to the other exponents of the genre, indicating that Bunny and Towers are ready for a lyrical war with any of them.

Like all the songs on that album, Puesto pa guerrial has a music video, where you can see a child playing with action figures.