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Definition of Desayun-Arte

Intentional future first person conjugated verb that designates the fact of taking something specific as the first meal of the day.

Compound word that has a romantic and sexual connotation. It implies that the loved one is eaten for breakfast in the middle of sexual relationships. In other words, it is a synonym for morning.


In some Hispanic contexts, the verb breakfast refers to knowing for the first time an event that was totally ignored. On many of these occasions it refers to news that may already be known to many or have been around for some time.


Desayun-Arte is an intentional future conjugated verb that indicates the action of eating something specific as the first food of the day. From this perspective, it originally refers to ending the overnight fast.

Desayun-Arte, in other contexts is a compound word resulting from the union of “breakfast” and “art”. From this perspective, adding the meaning of art to the word refers to the action of cooking very well. Also, the fact of having sexual relations with the loved one.


Desayun-Arte is a song that belongs to Maluma’s album # 7DJ (7 days in Jamaica). This album was released in early 2021.

One of the most applauded aspects of the song “Desayun-Arte de Maluma is the fact of having an Afro woman as the protagonist of the video. Many of the fans have highlighted this fact through social networks.