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Definition of TPWK

Acronym of the expression in English “Treat People With Kindness“, which translated into Spanish would be, “Treat people with kindness”

Popular expression, viralized on social networks by Harry Styles.


  1. Be nice to others
  2. Treat others how you want to be treated
  3. Be attentive
  4. Be cordial


  1. Heedless
  2. Disrespectful
  3. Neglected


TPWK was born in 2019 by various messages on social networks that the British artist Harry Styles published for his followers on his different accounts. The message was interpreted in different ways by fans and even a return of the youth group One Direction was considered.

The artist then clarified that what he wanted to express was Treat People With Kindness , which means, “treat people with kindness.” This is very coherent with the different messages that were accompanied by this acronym and that called for the reflection of its public.


TPWK or Treat people with kindness is a song by Harry Styles that is part of his album “Fine Line”. The song is track number 11 and is one of the most popular on the album along with “Watermelon Sugar.”

Fine line is the artist’s second solo album, after the announced indefinite hiatus from the band One Direction.