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Atlas vending

Definition of Atlas vending

As Atlas Vending, the supplier of vending machinesproducts and maintenance of systems related to soft drinks is recognized. It is an international company with the largest presence in Asia. Its main offices are in Singapore and Malaysia.

Connotations of the Terms Atlas and Vending

An atlas is the representation of geographic maps in book form and in a comprehensive and detailed way.

Atlas was also, according to Greek mythology, a young titan condemned by the “father of the gods” (Zeus) to carry the sky on his shoulders. This for the defeat suffered by the Titans under his leadership.

“Atlas” is called the main cervical vertebra of the human body linked to the skull .

Atlas payment system

The ” Atlas ” is defined as the intelligent payment system used through terminals provided by the Spanish company Prodelfi. The Atlas method has compatibility with corporate chip cards and Mifare proximity.

What is Vending?

Vending is an Anglo-Saxon term that translates into Spanish in the word “ sales ”.

Likewise, vending is also an expression that identifies the sale of products such as soft drinks, snacks, sweets, among others, through vending machines. This English neologism is commonly used to identify this sales process.

Atlas Vending of Metz

“Atlas Vending” is titled the new musical album belonging to the Canadian rock band known under the name “Metz”.

It is the fourth studio album belonging to the band consisting of Alex Edkins on guitar and vocals, Chris Slorach on bass and Hayden Menzies on drums.

“Atlas Vending” brings with it musical themes such as ” Pulse “, ” Blind Youth Industrial Park “, ” The Mirror “, among others. Its release date is scheduled for October 9, 2020.