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Definition of DIF

Mexican public institution that ensures the assistance, well-being and development of society. The acronym literally means Comprehensive Family Development. 


Data Interchange Format, that is, data interchange format. It is an extension belonging to spreadsheets that can be used in different programs. For example, in Office, OpenOffice, Gnumeric, and others.

Digitally Improvised Format, in Spanish, digitally enhanced format. Refers to files, especially images, that have been digitally modified to make them look better.

Directory Interchange Format, which stands for Directory Interchange FormatIt is an initiative of the scientific community to share metadata about research, especially in the earth science community.

Display Information File, means display of file information. That is, a tool for scheduling Oracle files.


DIF is an acronym that identifies various blogs. For example “Digital Innovation Forum” and many others dedicated to different topics.


For each case DIF has a different origin. This is common when it comes to a widely used acronym like this. However, in the case of the Mexican public institution, it was founded in 1977 at the initiative of Carmen Romano Nolk, wife of the president at that time José Guillermo López Portillo.

DIF was created through the merger of the National Institute for Child Protection (INPI) and the Mexican Institute for Child Care (IMAN). It seeks to strengthen assistance efforts at different levels and promote the development of social groups without any type of distinction.

Acting with efficiency, respect and honesty is part of the concept that this body has to become the reliable support of people in a state of vulnerability. At the same time, try to be a timely engine for growth and social development.


The DIF is a totally decentralized entity, which means that it resides in several cities of the Mexican nation. It has its own legal identity and has various assets to its credit. 

The National DIF in Mexico performs functions that seek to promote the following main lines:

Comprehensive protection of girls, boys and adolescents.

Protection of the elderly.

Comprehensive individual, family and community development.

Social reintegration of people in vulnerable situations (physical, mental and psychological disabilities).

Comprehensive care for pregnant women, during and after.

Fight against the scourge and consumption of narcotic substances that weaken healthy personal and collective development.

Also, the DIF focuses its objectives on the construction of programs that promote the following aspects:

Social, medical, legal and psychological assistance.

Development of cultural, recreational and sports activities that promote healthy development.

Rehabilitation and control activities for the elderly.

Education regarding issues of values ​​and family harmony; respect and special protection for girls, boys and adolescents.

Food education to avoid high levels of malnutrition and obesity in children and adolescents.

Comprehensive education and integration into the educational system of girls, boys and adolescents.