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Sieg Heils

Definition of Sieg Heils

If you are looking for the meaning of Sieg Heils, here we are going to provide you with everything you should know regarding this phrase. It is worth mentioning that it is in the German language, but in we are going to tell you what Sieg Heils means in english.

Sieg Heils is known as the famous and dangerous Nazi salute. But dangerous why? Well we must mention that using this phrase today in Germany is a punishable crime with more than three years in prison.

The translation of Sieg Heils into english is “live or save”; expression used to give the Hitler salute: Heil Hitler, translated is ” Save Hitler “. In those days there was a speaker who shouted “Sieg” and the audience responded “Heil” euphorically

Complementing the aforementioned, the expression Sieg Heils went together with a gesture that today is very frowned upon in countries that were involved in the First World War. The gesture consists of raising the right arm and having the hands open but with all the fingers together, as shown in the following illustration.

What does Sieg Heils mean?

You already know what Sieg Heils means