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La Gomita

Definition of La Gomita

La Gomita, a jocular phrase used in the Dominican Republic, generally within the colloquial strata of society. Next we will show you what is the meaning of La gomita and what are its origins.

The origin of La Gomita comes from the world of electronics, especially headphones that use rubber protectors to fit in the ear.

Thus, the meaning of La Gomita in the Dominican Republic is “Hearing aids with rubber protection”.

This rubber protection is usually used in these devices as noise insulators, thus allowing a more immersive experience.

This kind of headphones in the Dominican Republic are called “gummies” thanks to the protective rubber that covers them.

Usually, people usually wear “La Gomita” when they walk or go through the streets, which does not allow them to listen.

It should be noted that the term gummies is not only used for hearing aids with rubber protection but also for any of the “Hands Free” type.

In this way, An alternative meaning of La Gomita bean would be “Hands Free”.

Hands free in Spanish hands-free, are devices that allow me to listen without having to be held with the hands.


  • Juan deberías quitarte la gomita esa” – Juan you should remove those headphones.
  • Ayer me puse la gomita y me olvide de todo” – Yesterday I put on my headphones and forgot about the world.

La Gomita in urban music

In January 2020, the Urban Exponent RochyRd released the single “La gomita” where it refers to hands free.

Quítate la gomita

Rochy Rd

In the Dominican Republic, a kind of gummy candy with sugar chips is called gummies.

Also called Gummies are the Rubber Bands generally used in offices to hold papers.

Another type of Gomita is those artifacts of either rubber or other material that people use to hold long hair.

You know what does La Gomita mean in spanish