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Definition of Chapiadora

Prune weeds using a sharp instrument.


Chapear. For example: “Juan, please call the chapeador, because he needs chapear the garden grass.

dominican republic

Person who takes advantage of their beauty or romantic relationship to try to get easy money and obtain luxuries. Example: That chapiadora is with him for money.

Person who seeks to extract money from someone else, either through manipulation, tricks or deception. Example: I chapie Juan an ice cream.


  1. Harnessed
  2. Quarrels
  3. Abuses


  1. Laborious
  2. Worker
  3. Conscientious


The word chapiadora comes directly from the term “chapeo“; which is originally from the northern Cibaeña region of the Dominican Republic and means “cut grass”.

Starting in the 2010s, the word chapiadora takes another concept, in which a woman who takes advantage of her beauty is defined as a chapiadora to try to get easy money and thus obtain other luxuries such as: jewelry, clothes, cars and much more.


There is a short skirt model called “chapiadora skirt” named after a Chinese store in the Dominican Republic.

It is said that the prototype of the chapiadoras is that they are extravagant women, with great attributes, they wear very little clothes and adorn their bodies with earrings on their eyebrows and tongue. In addition, they wear tattoos that incite morbid and very unusual hair colors. However, this term refers more to the personality than the physical appearance that one may have.