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Definition of Cotorra

Colloquially refers to a talkative or chatty individual, generally when it says nothing of interest.

But actually, the Cotorra is a climbing bird very similar to the parrot.


  1. Cockatoo, parrot, bird
  2. Chatty, talkative, loquacious, talkative, chatty
  3. Noise of a collective


The origin of the word cotorra seems to come from or by backward derivation of “cotorrera”, being said variant of “cotarrera”, which would mean a woman of the cotarro.

“Cotarro” in turn is a word that referred to an enclosure or even a corral where vagabonds and beggars were sheltered at night, a sort of synonym for “agitated and noisy community”.

This word is a feminine noun, and etymologically, it refers to a regressive compound of “cotorrera” by “cotarrera” which results in a voice of onomatopoeic origin.

In ornithology the term refers to a type of bird belonging to the psittaciformes, and to the family of psittacidae, or also known as parrots of small size, but without any relation to the Australian parakeets.

It is also a passerine bird of the corvid species also known as magpies. Climbing bird similar to the parrot, but about 25 cm long, with plumage of various colors, among which dominates the green, and the wings and tail long and pointed; lives in large flocks, in tropical areas of the southern hemisphere and acclimatized in other temperate.

However its colloquial use has some relation to the above that “cotorra” is said of a person who talks too much or too much, but especially if he has nothing interesting to say and this is annoying.


In Argentina or Uruguay the word “Cotorra” refers to the vagina or female sexual organ.

In Venezuela they call a talk or a very long conversation “cotorra”.