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Definition of Mengao

It is one of the pseudonyms by which the Brazilian soccer team “Clube de Regatas do Flamengo”, better known as “El Flamengo”, is known.


Transliteration into Spanish of the Chinese word 门 高 which means “altura de la puerta“, that is, a common measure in architectural designs around the world.


Mengao comes from the name of the Brazilian soccer club Flamengo, actually from its final part, that is, “mengo”. Mengao in Brazil means “less than great”, in other words, it is a way of promulgating that this team is the best.

Over time, as with other teams, the fans have created different nicknames in order to refer and cheer their team. In 2019 the pseudonym “mengao” was very popular, especially in the midst of the international cups in which the team participated.


“El Mengao” was the most outstanding team in 2019 in the Copa Libertadores and was crowned champion after beating “River Plate” from Argentina 2-1 in Lima, Peru.

There are different pseudonyms to refer to the “Flamengo” club, some of them are: Fla, Urubu, Rubro-Negro, O mais querida do Brasil, among others.