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Definition of Pichear

Action carried out by one of the main players or positions in Baseball, exactly, it is about throwing the ball so that the player of the opposing team hits it with the bat.

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Colloquially pitching refers to consciously ignoring or forgetting. It is used in urban environments to refer to someone passing someone over in a decided way. For example: When I was going through the park you pecked me.


It is used more like “pichar” and refers to having sexual relationships , normally, they are casual events and not as part of an established and lasting relationship. However, it applies in any situation.


Transliterated from Somali पीछेअर , pichear means “rear”, that is, what is on the back of something that is seen from the front or that has a clear meaning. For example: Juan and Monica were in the back seat of the car.


Pichear comes from the English to pitch, a verb that translates into Spanish as spearFor this reason, its main connotation is to designate the pitcher in the game of Baseball and other similar sports. In Spanish the forms “pichear” and “pichar” are correct.

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In urban contexts, and with the same origin as to pitch , the term pichear is synonymous with “throwing into oblivion”. In this context, the word refers to a conscious way of ignoring someone for reasons that may be known or ignored.


For the use of the term in this South American country and others, the origin is the word “picha” which is a synonym for virile member. Therefore, picting is “putting the cock into action”, in other words, having sex with someone.


The word pichear appears in several reggaeton songs and other urban rhythms. One of the best known songs that use this verb is the song “Yo perreo sola” by Bad Bunny.

On December 31, 2019, the artists “Casper el Mágico” and “Pusho” released a single titled “Me pichea” that belongs to the urban genre.