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Definition of Chispiajos

It is a word used to express emotion or amazement for some situation. For example: ChispiajosThat photo is very old !


It is used to designate any situation or thing, in this sense it can be replaced by “thing”. For example: What’s going on here?


By extension it can be used synonymously with the word “Chispiajos” or “sparkles “. Even in some areas of Latin America the term chispiajos is also exclamatory.


  1. Shit
  2. Amazing
  3. Thing
  4. Sparks
  5. Caramba


Chispiajos comes from the word “Chispiajos” in its exclamatory colloquial sense. in countries such as Mexico it is used as a synonym for ¡caramba! to express themselves in the face of something that amazes or surprises. Also, in situations of anger it is used as an offensive noun that would be synonymy with “chingado”.

Mexican expressions such as chispiajos, chispotió or chispiajos are known worldwide thanks to the television productions of this country. At present, it is possible to find the use of the word outside the Mexican borders, especially used as an expression of astonishment.


Chispiajos is a common expression in Mexicanized Spanish, this word even appears in novels like “Amores Verdaderos” and other productions.

Ah sparkles! is a collection of 6 Mexican films starring “La India María”. This material was distributed on DVD from 2007 onwards.