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Definition of Coronao

It refers to being “crowned”, that is, awarded a special power in a society. Normally, it is said of the person who is appointed as king because he is the successor of the crown. For example: Last week King Philip was crowned.

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It means being in an advantageous or increased situation, it can also be a synonym of well-being. Someone who is crowned is enjoying certain benefits, luxuries or advantages. An example would be: I am crowned at my job


  1. Victorious
  2. Winner
  3. Successful
  4. Victor
  5. Lucky
  6. In opulence


Coronao comes from the verb “crown” which designates the action of putting a crown on someone. Therefore, literally “to be crowned” is to wear a crown on your head. However, the urban use of this term extends the meaning to other more everyday situations.

In the urban environment it has its origin in the Chinese Checkers and Chess board games where a piece was crowned when it reached the end of the board. After the coronation, this piece is transformed into a Queen or Queen depending on the game where it is used, thus acquiring a royal or preferential status.

In this context, being crowned has its roots in the life of kings and queens, which was luxurious and ostentatious. For this reason, it began to be part of the urban vocabulary to designate someone who lives as if he were a king.


In 2019 the Dominican urban exponent “El Alfa, el Jefe” released the song “Coronao Now “ in collaboration with rapper Lil Pump, which enjoyed great popularity on different musical platforms.