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Corito Sano

Definition of Corito Sano

Corito sano refers to a group of friends with good manners and fun. It is used in the Dominican Republic from a choir that is a group of friends.

Small group of people who perform a piece of music with one, two or up to four voices.

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By extension it is used as a replacement for party, rumba or parranda. For example: We are going to make a corito


Expressed as a synonym for favor. Example: Hey Jaime, I need you to make me a book! 


Corito is the diminutive of a segment of a musical piece that is usually repeated and has the main notes and lyrics of the song.


 Term to designate a naked or scantily clad person.

Synonymous with shy. That is, a person who does not function effectively in social contexts or who has communication difficulties due to nervousness.

In oenology, they are known as “corito”, the workers who transfer the skin along with the grape must from the press to the vats.


Corito in the sense of a group of people comes from the Latin chorus and the Greek choros. From this meaning it was adapted in the urban context to refer to people who are friends or who share a gathering. Little by little, due to its use in music, the term has spread to other Spanish-speaking regions.

Another of the origins of corito is the one that indicates that it comes from the Latin corium, which is equal to “skin” ; it means “in leather or naked“. From this connotation the semantics that refer to human skin and that of grapes are born.


In the musical sphere, “Corito sano” is the title of a musical theme performed by the Puerto Rican rapper Tempo and Miky Woodz with Randy Nota Loca. His remix version is part of the album “Back To The Game” of 2018, and with him, Elysanij, Randy and Ñengo participate.