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Definition of Consumador

The word consummator (consumador in Spanish) means someone or something that consummates, that is, one who finishes, fulfills, completes, finishes, concludes, accomplishes or finalizes a thing. It also refers to one who initiates the sexual act after receiving the sacrament of marriage.

SYNONYMS FOR Consummator

  1. Finisher
  2. Concluding
  3. That completes the work
  4. To finish an activity

ORIGIN OF Consummator

This word comes from the transitive verb “consumar” and the suffix “dor” which indicates the one who usually performs the action. It should be noted that the verb from which consumador comes, which is to consume, is not related to either consumption or consuming.

To consume comes from the Latin consummare (to form a total, to fulfill, to finish, to add, to carry out a thing until its culmination and perfection) and it is also formed by the prefix “con” (global and complete action).

It also comes from the root of the word summa (the highest point, the culmination, the essential part, the totality of something).

In the Bible this adjective or noun and some of its related words are used to denote the work of Jesus Christ, as it is defined in Hebr. 12:1 as “the author and finisher of the faith”. In this opportunity the word “finisher” refers to the one who culminates the work of faith. Everything points to the fact that He initiates and concludes it.


On the other hand, regarding the biblical theme, it was Jesus Christ on the cross who said with a loud voice: “It is finished”.

This expression refers to the same thing referred to in Hebrews 12. Jesus Christ is the one who consummated, finished the work of salvation of humanity, the forgiveness of sins is a reality thanks to his sacrifice on the cross. He consummated (paid) with his blood the price for the salvation of mankind.