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Definition of Papiamento

It is the native language of the islands of Curaçao (islands near Venezuela)among which Aruba stands out.


In Spanish it can be interpreted as parliament, chattering or speaking confusedly.


The word Papiamento derives from parlotear (to speak) and from the word Papia, a mixture of colloquial Spanish and Portuguese. For some, the language is based on an African-Portuguese mixture that slaves brought from Africa and has evolved over time due to colonizations and the geographic position of the islands.

Papiamento refers to a Creole language whose lexicon comes not only from Portuguese and Spanish, but has also been shown to be mixed with words of Dutch origin, English, French, the indigenous Arawak language and various African languages. For this reason, it was assigned that term, because for a speaker of any of these languages ​​that mixture of dialects is confusing.


One of the most used words in Papiamento is dushi. This word means affection, love, my heaven, among others.

To say thank you in Papiamento the word danki is used. For this reason, it is very useful for a trip to islands that speak this language.

The word Papiamento is taken as an onomatopoeia of the action of stammering or stuttering.