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Hija Putativa

Definition of Hija Putativa

It is said of a person who is considered a daughter although naturally she is not. In other words, it is that girl who is recognized as a royal daughter, even if she is not legally, nor does she carry the same blood.

By extension, it is used by some people to refer to a girl who is very dear to her and who wishes she were his daughter even if she does not have any kind of bond.


  1. Adopted daughter
  2. Stepdaughter
  3. Stepdaughter
  4. Daughter-in-law


Putativa comes from the Latin putativus and means “reputed” or “considered”. Therefore, when a person has hija putativa, he is giving her a bond that is not natural or biological. In the case of children, regardless of their gender, they are those who are adopted and considered as natural children.

By semantic relationship, hija putativa is the one that has been imputed, either because she is the natural daughter of the couple or not. Normally, the term is linked to families made up of children of different parents than those in the current family circle.


In the same way that there is a hija putativa, there are also putative fathers and putative siblings. These can be considered as such by having the same home or simply by appreciation.

Legally, hija putativa is one that has been adopted and over whom the same rights and duties are exercised as with a natural descendant.