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Definition of Tussi

Name given to a synthetic drug that is generally distributed in pink and produces psychedelic effects. It can be found in pills or powder and is also known as 2C-B.


The German word tussi means “polluelo” in Spanish. That is to say, it is about the young of the birds, normally it refers to the one of the chickens.


The origin of the word tussi comes from the homophony of the first part of the name of the drug in English, since 2C is pronounced in English “tú ci” and from there a transliteration into Spanish was made. It is worth mentioning that some people can resemble it to cocaine, but its chemical components do not have similarities.

The “tussi” is a drug mostly consumed by young people in nightclubs such as discos and bars. Many times, they even mix this drug, also called “pink cocaine”, with different alcoholic beverages to feel more hallucinogenic effects.


“Tussi” is a musical theme by the Puerto Rican reggaeton “Arcangel” together with “D La Ghetto”, “Eladio Carrion” and “J Quiles”. This musical creation is part of his album “Favorites 2” and was released in September 2020.

A musical theme by the Puerto Rican rapper ” Jamby el Favo ” in collaboration with “Lil Geniuz” is known as Tusi. It is part of his album titled with the same name released in 2019.