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Definition of Matakuri

Matakuri is the composition of two words, namely mata which means “eye” and Kuri which designates a “cat”. Therefore, the meaning of matakuri is literally “cat’s eyes”.


The word matakuri is a word from the Rapanui language, which belongs to an island in Chile called Easter Island or Rapa Nui. This place is a great tourist site in the country for its ancestral culture.

The expression matakuri, or cat’s eyes, is used to refer to a woman who has light eyes, especially between green and yellow tones. Although it is a feminine expression in Latin America, “cat eyes” or “cat eyes” are used without any problem.

The use of the word matakuri is almost specific to the Rapa Nui island, however, as it is a tourist site, the use of many of its expressions is gradually spreading. The above is encouraged by the use of the word in social networks.


Matakuri is not the only term that is becoming popular in the Rapanui language. Travelers are increasingly getting to know different words and are using them with their family, friends and in electronic media.

Other words, in addition to matakuri, of this language that are gaining popularity are: riva riva which means “well”, hare which is the word to say “house”, ko koro which means “December” iorana which means “hello” and iorana koruoa which means “hello everyone”.

Matakuri is a song by the Chilean group D´CORLEONES. The theme was released in 2017 and focuses on admiration for a girl with light eyes, which can be evidenced mainly in the official video.

The Matakuri song is a combination of rhythms and musical instruments typical of the Andes with new genres close to pop-rock. this type of music is a bet to make different cultural aspects of different regions known to the world.