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Definition of Asueto

The word asueto refers to a time of recess or rest where all work and other activities are suspended to have a prolonged moment in days to do activities related to fun.

It can also be associated with the time of jubilee or celebration of a family or religious event.


  1. Rest
  2. Recess
  3. Jubilee
  4. Time of rest
  5. Celebration


Origin of the word asueto
The word asueto is an adjective that comes from the Latin assuetus or adsuetus that corresponds to a participle of the verb temporal indicator such as mañana or tarde, so this word, in its original meaning, is to get used to or soler.

Nowadays, then, it acquires the meaning of rest denoting those non-working days or days used to celebrate a certain festivity.

However, there are meanings to this word. It is not a holiday when, for example, activities are suspended due to a pandemic or a natural disaster, when it is a force majeure that determines the rest it is not a holiday.

The holiday is already established in the calendar and has its limit already set regardless of the day of the week. A simple example of this can be the days taken for Carnival or Easter.


Did you know that the holiday in some countries if it is a Sunday, for example, a holiday or parish celebration, does not apply.

This is due to the fact that Sunday is a day of rest and it is not a holiday, the holiday is moved to Monday, which is a non-working day, so you can enjoy the idea and the fact of not working to the maximum. In addition to this, there are three types of holidays established by law: administrative, labor and national.