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Definition of Rulay

Rulay is a synonym of being very relaxed, it is used in urban and party contexts. For example: Tonight andamo rulay.

By extension it is said of a person who is stimulated by alcohol or drugs. In this context, it is expressed like this: I had a drink that made me rulay.


Rulay is a word used in the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic, which was born in the early 2000s on the streets of Santo Domingo as a synonym for feeling very relaxed.

Rulay comes from the English language, specifically from the term “Ruling” which means “to reign, rule or decision”. So rulay has a strong reference to being “in control of things”. Taken from this Anglicanism, the term was deformed and adapted to the previously stated meaning.


In the world of Urban Music, this word has a strong presence, appearing in a large number of musical themes and in the title of several songs such as: “Andamos rulay” by Sujeto Oro 24k, or in “Rulay”, the theme of the urban exponent. Secret the famous Baby Bottle.

In certain contexts, Rulay could be treated as a synonym of being “tricky”, “high” or “happy”.

Axel Rulay is an urban music singer who is especially known for his song “Si es trucho es trucho”.