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Definition of Cocaso

Here we meet again, this time to dig a little deeply about the word “Cocaso”, maybe you’ve heard it before, but maybe you don’t know what its true connotation is. We will enrich our knowledge and recommend that you always stay alert, watch out for a coke!

What does cocaso mean? This term is used merely in the colloquial language of certain countries and regions, usually used to refer to an accidental or raised blow by one person on the head of another. This word is most commonly used in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Expressions With the Word Cocaso

  • What a cocaso I hit with that door!”
  • “My dad gave me a cocaso for not doing my homework.”
  • “A mango fell off the tree and gave me a good cocaso.”

Difference Between Cocaso and Cocazo

We also found the word“cocazo”,written with the letter “z”. It comes from Southern America and is used to mention a blow provided by the fruit that bears the name“coconut”. For example:

  • “Adonis threw a coconut at me and gave me tremendous cocazo in the back”
  • “Mary grabbed a coconut and gave Joseph’s chariot a cocazo because he was unfaithful to her”

Now you know the difference between“cocaso and cocazo”, and although these words read the same, you know that they have different connotations depending on the geographical area where they are used and their respective context.


Kocaso is another word that by its phonological similarity tends to be confused with cocaso. However, Kocaso refers toa brand of electronics such as tablet, accessories and laptop batteries.


In this way we conclude by thanking you for your preference for our library. And as usual, we cannot say goodbye without first giving you a brief recommendation. If you use a motorbike or bicycle, do not forget to wear the safety helmet, so you will avoid giving yourself a good cocaso if you suffer a fall.