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Que Oso

Definition of Que Oso

Phrase that is used when a person demonstrates certain embarrassing acts, which cause shame or embarrassment. For example: What a oso that Pedro at the party yesterday with that drunkenness.

In a personal way it is used to affirm or communicate that something will not be done because it does not suit your style or it causes you embarrassment. An example would be: – You must take your little brother by the hand. – No mother, what a oso.


  1. Shame
  2. Pain
  3. Dishonor
  4. Modesty
  5. Reproach


The phrase “que oso” comes from the bears that were presented on public roads and circuses as an act of exhibition. These acts were carried out since the Middle Ages and caused a lot of laughter, as these animals are clumsy to perform dances and also were presented dressed in a funny way.

The dances of the bears caused a lot of embarrassment and so he designated that phrase to designate something that causes shame or that is embarrassing. In Latin America this type of dialect came inherited from colonial Spanish, since in Europe the practice of displaying bears proliferated.


“Que oso” is a song by the American rapper Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza known by the stage name “Snow Tha Product”. This song was released on June 2, 2021 as a single.