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Definition of Languso

There are words that are very rare and that when we listen to them we do not relate them to something specific. Such is the case of “Languso”,a word of Mexican origin that does not sound so familiar but its phonology can give you an idea of its meaning. Don’t you have it? Come and learn more so you can avoid being a langus!

The term langus is used to refer to a hungry, gluttonous or often eaten person in his path. Being languso also applies to those who are selfish, greedy, stingy, greedy, or who don’t share what they have.

Expressions With the Word Languso

Moreover, Languso is also defined as someone who takes advantage of any situation to obtain benefits,even if he does not need it. Here are some examples of how to use this word!

  • Lend me your colors please don’t be so languso”.
  • Did you eat all that, Antonio? You go from languso.”
  • My dog is very languso, he eats everything he finds in his path.”

Origin of the Word

It originates in Mexico. However, many countries have their own version of languso; which is similar to the original, but with certain unique features.

Languso in Venezuela

In Venezuela it is not called “languso” but “lambucio”, it has a similar meaning, but with some differences in the composition of the word. It is said that this Venezuelanism is born by individuals who used to lick (lamer) the dishes and kitchen utensils once used and also ate the portions of others. Have you ever had this kind of behavior?

Another of the connotations given to this word in Venezuela refers to those who show up in a place without having been invited or take attributions that are not their responsibility. As well as those who evade their responsibility to contribute something. Let’s look at some sentences:

  • Don’t be lambucio, that food is not yours.”
  • Carlos, if he’s lambucio, he came to the party and he wasn’t invited..
  • “Pay the part that touches you, don’t be so lambucio.
  • Luis, if he’s lambucio, he wants to eat it all.

Synonyms of Languso:

Ravenous, Devourer, Glutton.


A“langusa” person is not always well received, because no one wants in their home someone who eats all the food, who is selfish or assumes roles that do not correspond to him. As you already know what it means, we recommend that you avoid being languso (a) at all costs. Stay with us for more information and meanings!