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Definition of Saramambiche


A foul word to refer to a third party.

Literally: Son of a bitch or son of a bitch.


  1. Dumbass
  2. Bastard
  3. Unfortunate
  4. Cretin
  5. Damned


  1. Legitimate son
  2. Friend
  3. Noble


Saramambiche is a form of insult, an adaptation and distortion into Spanish of the English words son of bi#ch, which in Spanish means “hijo de per#a o hijo de pu#a”.

According to the RAE, this word has been used in Central America since the time of the intervention of the United States in some countries such as Cuba. From there, its use spread and it became part of different contexts, especially urban ones.

Other versions indicate that Saramambiche is native to Puerto Rico, it is used very often in this Caribbean Island and in some regions of Colombia.


This term was heard for the first time in the musical theme of the Puerto Rican singer Hector “El Father”, entitled “Noche de mischiefs”; which was launched on the market in 2005 and whose lyrics refer to having a “Night of mischief and encounters with a girl.” In addition, the interpreter takes the opportunity to “sell himself as the best and bravest” (something typical within the urban genre).

It was popularized internationally by Puerto Ricans Hector el Father, Tego Calderon and even the trap singer Bad Bunny has participated in its mention.

In 2017, the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny launched the musical theme entitled Tú no metes cabra, in which, of course, he repeatedly mentions the word “Saramambiche”. Daddy Yankee, Anuel Aa and Cosculluela participate in the featuring of this song.