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Tal Cual

Definition of Tal Cual

Adverbial phrase that refers to or is synonymous with the expression “in the same way“. For example: Tomorrow everything will be tal cual it is today.

Adverb that denotes similarity to the expression “such as”. An example of this would be: “Accept things or they arrive.”

It is used to refer to the fact that one thing is identical to the other, that is, that it has not undergone any type of change. For example: Bianca, you have to do the job or you did it the other day.


It indicates that something or someone has remained the same over time. For example, you are as you were 15 years ago.

Indication of few or few. For this case, it is enough to exemplify like this: only the same people came.

Fair or moderately passable. For example: that series was tal cual.


  1. Such as
  2. Of the mass form
  3. Exactly like
  4. Likewise


  1. Different
  2. Otherwise


The expression tal cual comes from the union of two Latin words with different meanings, namely talis and qualisTalis, meanwhile, means “similar”, “equal” or “like this.” 

On the other hand, the word qualis denotes “class” or “type”. From the above, it can be stated that the complete expression implies “something that is the same as” or “something that is similar to is a type of”.

It is considered that tal cual is one of the most used expressions in the Spanish language. This is because it is a polysemic term and appropriate to be used in different contexts.


Tal cual is the name of a morning newspaper with national circulation in Venezuela, it was founded on March 3, 2000 by the late Teodoro Petkoff.

Likewise, “Tal cual” is titled the fourth album by Argentine singer-songwriter Diego Torres, released in 1999. The fifth song of the same is titled “Tal cual es”, said album had an excellent acceptance by his fans reaching 500 thousand copies.

In Colombia, tal cual is an animated character that is part of the educational advertising provided by the superintendency of industry and commerce.