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Definition of Chimosa

Chimosa comes from the adjective “gossipy or gossipy”. It is a mispronunciation or vulgarism commonly used in Latin America, especially in the Dominican Republic . This is because in this country there is a tendency to “eat” the “S” in words.

A cheeky or gossipy person is a nosy person, who constantly interferes with the lives of others. He is an individual who likes to disseminate intimate details about people and spreads rumors in order to gain attention or out of bad habit.

The word chimosa, as an adjective “mispronounced”, can occur in different contexts and with very creative uses, as we will see below.

Crucita the chimosa

Crucita la Chimosa is a character played by the renowned Dominican actress Cheddy García.

The well-known “Mom of Humor” gave life to Crucita, a chimosa who goes about getting into everything and killing everyone. She never knows how to keep quiet, and she gets everyone into stories and entanglements.

Crucita la Chimosa is presented as the typical lady that exists in every neighborhood, who if she hears any gossip or rumor, she tells everyone, creating misunderstandings or getting everyone in trouble.

In the Dominican Republic, nosy people, especially women , are called “ Crucita la chimosa ” . With this, it can be seen that the character fell into popular culture and speech.

Chimosa in Mexico

Chimoso or chimosa are used in southern Mexico as an expression of surprise. For example, if someone narrates a fact that seems impossible to believe, the interlocutor could respond “don’t be funny”, as an expression of shock for what was told.