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Definition of 687

In numerology this number is a sign of good omen, as it represents strengths such as responsibility, intellect and organization. For this reason, it is frequently used in games of chance.


In the pinyin system it is used to express regret or apologize in Chinese. This is due to the homophony of the word “sorry” duì bù qǐ with the pronunciation of the figure iù bā qī. In other words, it is used to say “sorry” or “sorry”.


The 687 in the pinyin system for “I’m sorry” originates from the homophony of the two expressions. That is, when putting together all the sound of 687, liù bā qī, it resembles sorry, duì bù qǐ, and has been adopted in different Chinese media as a synonym for forgiveness.

In China, it is preferred to use numbers that are pronounced similar to a word or phrase to communicate over the internet. This system constitutes a more universal language that facilitates communication in networks and chats.


In the year 687 d. C. was elected Pope in Rome Sergio I. This happened after the death of Conón who was the highest authority of the Catholic Church at that time in history.