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Definition of Chanty

In the Dominican Republic, Chanty is a girl, teenager or schoolgirl. It is used to name young girls in urban contexts. For example: La chanty told me that she likes disco


In English chanty is a song sung by sailors to make their work more entertaining and synchronized. In Spanish it is called saloma.


  1. Popi
  2. Lazy
  3. Schoolgirl
  4. Young girl
  5. Teen


  1. Adult
  2. Old woman
  3. Old woman
  4. Grandma
  5. Mature woman


Chanty is an English term that translates as saloma. It comes from the Latin celeusmaand this from the Greek keleusma which denotes the songs that sailors sing in the middle of their work. The song “Chanty” was intended to boost morale within a crew of sailors while doing hard work.

dominican republic

In the Dominican Republic the term chanty originates from the urban environment. It is unknown if it bears a relationship with the Anglo-Saxon term. However, it has been popularized by the music that is created and used in these settings. It is clear that what is meant is that chanty is a young woman.


In the world of music this word enjoyed great popularity thanks to a song by the Dominican singer Nene la Amenazy.

Girls called “chanty” are usually portrayed as young girls, from a good family and who like street boys.

The term Chanty is often used to name girls between the ages of 16 and 20, generally high school students.

Chanty is the name given to a communication platform that facilitates collaborative work.