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Definition of Mangar

Mangar means stealing, however in countries like the Dominican Republic this term does not only mean this specifically. Keep reading because here at the Wan Shi Tong Library, we will explain with examples the meaning of mangar . Do we start

In the Dominican Republic, the meaning of mangar is not limited to the previous definition, it can also be used literally as the word “ Catch ” which can also mean taking something, or stealing. However, ” Catch ” is also related to sex, and that is precisely the main meaning of mangar in the Dominican Republic.

What is a Mangue Dominican Republic

A mangue is a quick relationship, just for the purpose of having sex (catching).


“Yo no quiero tener un mangue, quiero una relación seria”.

– Translated:  I don’t want to be with someone just for sex , I want a serious relationship.”

El mango su moto y se fue.

– Translated: He took his motorcycle and left.

El quiere mangar ese bolso.

Translated: He wants to steal that bag.