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Asina Nona

Definition of Asina Nona

It means “not like that” or “don’t do it like that”, as a reference to rejecting the bad things that society offers, that is, rejecting the temptations and malice that can be found unintentionally.

By extension, it is used as a warning against temptation from a Biblical point of view.


Asina nona comes from the phrase “not like this” that seeks to show that it is not the way, the way or the method of doing something. From the Biblical sense, it is about avoiding paths that are counterproductive for the human being and that are far from God’s purpose.

Literally “asina nona” does not have a meaning drawn from the Biblical words or content. However, there are many teachings found there that begin with no. For example, some of the commandments found in Exodus 20 like “You shall not kill” or “You shall not steal”.


“Asina Nona” is the name of a song by the artist called “Redimi2”. He is one of the pioneers of Christian rap and is born in the Dominican Republic.

In the song “Asina Nona” the Dominican singer performs with his daughter. This responds to the fact that the song revolves around a theme of parental guidance and teaching.